Donations and Sponsorships

Thank you for considering Triple S Harley-Davidson® to create a partnership with your cause or for your fundraising event. Our team sees it as our chosen responsibility to be involved while making a significant, positive influence on our community. We recognize there are very many causes worthy of support, but by focusing our resources in a few areas we feel our impact is greater.

Triple S Harley-Davidson® will do our best to respond to your request if we can identify with the effort or the cause. Due to the overwhelming number of inquiries, please understand that we are unable to fulfill all requests or respond to each one. Monetary donation requests and those to benefit an individual are not considered. When reviewing a request we will look at these aspects:

Is your organization or event clearly non-profit or charitable?

Is your request and our possible donation going to benefit your cause and our community?

Does contributing to your cause fall into one of our areas of focus?

Does your organization and cause represent motorcycling in a positive and responsible manner?

Please submit requests using the donation request form below, a minimum of 30 days prior to your event. They can be sent by email to, fax (304) 284-8245, or brought in person. (Requests submitted in person will go through the same process, so an answer will not be given that day.) Requests are reviewed on a regular basis and recipients will be notified within 7 days of their event.


Thank you again for thinking of Triple S Harley-Davidson® to be a part of your efforts. We look forward to bettering our community with you! Contact us today!